To Our Theater


We're a new theatre group exploring the concept of micro theatre - short plays in small, intimate spaces. Our audience size will be extremely limited but there will be no limit to the creativity of the theatre we will all experience together! Until the COVID pandemic is over, we are presenting virtual reader's theatre productions available on YouTube.


"The Adventures of Mouse Deer"

Click the link to see the video on YouTube


People are saying about "Mouse Deer":  

From a young family - "Our girls like it a lot and listened attentively the whole way through.  When it was over, one daughter said, 'I don't want it to be the end.  It was soooo fun!' And later in the day our other daughter was heard singing the Mouse Deer's song."


From the author - "Elaine, this is great! This is the first reader's theater I've seen on Zoom, and I'm impressed by how well it worked. But I was also impressed by the performance, especially your wonderful Mouse Deer!  My mailing list isn't that big anymore, but I'll have to share this with them. I'm sure some of the teachers will be inspired.  Best wishes, Aaron"


"A Christmas Carol"

A Four part Virtual Reader's Theatre production available on YouTube

Find the playlist with all four videos here:


Behind the scenes at the Broadway Tavern
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Local actors hanging out in the Tavern

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